Mar 01

Tantric Sex: A Beginner’s Guide

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Tantric sex is rooted in the spiritual belief that sexuality can be used as a pathway for connecting with and experiencing deeper levels of pleasure, divine energy, and increased intimacy.

This can involve engaging in gentle touching, massage, shared breathing exercises, and even sexe amateur visualization looking for techniques aimed …

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Ideal length of a podcast episode? Aug 10

What is the ideal length of a podcast episode?

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There are “only” the listeners who give you feedback. But you don’t have that at the beginning of your podcast career. That’s why I would like to give you the following tip: Make shorter episodes! But what are “shorter episodes”? Anything between 12 and 30 minutes. Why?

Before I discuss …

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Best Podcasts to start your spiritual journey Jul 20

Best Podcasts to start your spiritual journey

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We’re just as fascinated by true crime as anyone else, but listening to a podcast doesn’t have to mean streaming the grisly details of a notorious murder right into your ears.

Listening to podcasts can be a pretty meditative activity, and it can even become a spiritual experience if …

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Sep 03

Other spiritual related podcasts to follow – part II

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Continuing our last article on podcasts that you must follow if your are really into spiritual podcasts:

The RobCast

Rob Bell, a priest turned media individuality, has developed a track record as one of one of the most influential as well as dissentious Christian figures in the nation, recognized for …

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Sep 01

Other spiritual related podcasts to follow

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Organized faith may be on the decrease, with more persons than ever recognizing themselves as either atheist, agnostic or consistently unaffiliated. However spirituality’s grip continues to be steadfast, with the search for implying just taking different paths.

An expanding variety of people identity as “spiritual however not religious,” a pattern …

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